We do instant photo printing at your events

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Key benefits from our printing:

Top quality – The protective lamination layer are in our prints to maximises resistance to colour fading, fingerprints, liquids, ozone dust and the effects of UV radiation.

High speed – Prints a  photo in just 8 seconds

High dynamic range – Print a black density in excess of 2.0 (Dmax). A rich black increases the dynamic range of photos, resulting in photos with fine detail in both shadow and highlight areas.

Neutral greys – Our prints are more neutral across the grey tonal range compared with others. Neutral greys are critical for black and white photos and wedding photos.

Greater colour consistency – Print to print, media batch to batch,out prints are impressively consistent. Independent research shows the print has an average colour difference (deltaE) of less than 2.0, an almost imperceptible colour change to the human eye.